Best Chiropractor, 6/22/2015

Dr. Dietz has been the best in my and my families chiropractic care. I go fairly regularly because of back and neck issues. He always gets very good results. He seems to have a technique that is great for my neck. This has always been hard for most chiro to get adjusted on me. Dr. Dietz is eager to show you exercises to help with any ongoing issues. He is also great working on extremities, something you would not ordinarily think of with a chiro – but it DEFINITELY helps.

Dr. Dietz is the BEST!

I am 46. I am married, have 3 teenagers, 3 dogs and a cat. I had gastric bypass surgery 7 years ago. I am very active. I like to run, bike, play tennis, hike and any other thing I can come up with to have fun and keep myself moving. I have been plagued by injuries. In the past 5 years I have had a stress fracture in my foot, torn hamstrings, calves, it band/hip problems, tennis elbow and an ankle tear. I have been going to orthopedic doctors for my injuries. They are always happy, to boot, give a shot or surgically fix my problems. I kept asking why, and how can I prevent injuries? They would say it is your age. You need to slow down, you need to rest (not an option). They said I was an aging athlete. Really!!! I was very frustrated with yet another ankle tear. The orthopedic was ready to boot it or possibly do surgery on it. I had heard of Dr. Dietz through some of our neighbors. I started with him about 6 weeks ago. I gave him my history, he did an exam, he explained what he thought was going on and why I am getting injured. He has worked on getting me back in alignment. He has worked on my spine, hips, feet, elbow and my “aging knees”. He has recommended new shoes, he has given me exercise to balance me and my body out. I have basically been pain free from about the third visit. I am running, biking, playing tennis again. I am not injured and I don’t hurt!!! My ankle is great too!

Dr. Dietz has saved me from years of pain!!!

I have been a patient here for years and cannot give this office enough great reviews. Dr. Dietz was able to treat an area in my neck that had me seeing a neurologist who had me on several medicines with little to no relief. After a couple visits and with my Dr.’s consent, I was able to stop all the medicines and I have been pain free. My whole family goes now!! If you are considering seeing a chiropractor you will not regret the decision to see Dr. Dietz!

I’m a Believer!

After working retail over the course of 15 years, I had aches, and pains, and pulls in several spots…my shoulder blade, neck, hip, foot. A friend suggested Dr. Dietz and I set up my appointment. He is so informative, explaining the “why” behind the pain. After just ONE adjustment, I felt relief. No meds, no surgery, just a BALANCED spine!

Works Wonders

I began seeing Dr Dietz and his staff over 7 years ago due to recovery from major car accident. On occasion I have had to return for maintenace treatments. Since then I have had falls, and been in two other accidents. Dr Dietz and his staff have been excellent in regard to my recovery process. I do not know what I would have done with out them. Great for headaches too.

No Contest – the Best

I survived a car collision with a train, but the neck pain resulting from multiple whip lashes changed my life. For many years chiropractic care was my best form of pain management. Four years ago inflammation and bone loss now increased that severe pain. My life had become a tunnel of pain and pain meds with no hope for recovery when a massage therapist recommended Dr. Dietz as the best chiropractor that she had worked with. I have not been disappointed. He carefully evaluated my condition and began treatment that in a few weeks has improved my neck beyond my expectation. He is meticulous in his work, wholeheartedly dedicated to the care of his patients, and has a great staff.

Chiropractic Excellence!

Dr. Dietz and his office staff are exceptional. Through x-rays, he dicovered I had a congenital anomaly in my lower back that was causing my debilitating pain. I don’t mean debilitating as not able to work or function. But, I love running, hiking, exercising out-of-doors. I was unable to do this for 16 months. After 5 sessions with Dr. Dietz, and his very attentive and thorough analysis, I was able to start jogging in mid-April. Now I’m working back into my 3 mile trail running routine!

Incredible practice and Incredible Knowledge

Headaches due to bike wreck. 9-10 on pain scale. Hard fix, but Dietz fixed and keeps them away. Incredible Staff that is extremely patient oriented. Accomadating hours to make life easier. Headaches are rare now, its all due to moving spine in line. I couldnt remember life without headaches, but now I can – Dietz knows his stuff!

One of the Best

I had my lower back go out and could not walk because of the pain, Dr. Dietz showed my wife an exercise to do to me that had me walking the next morning without pain. I have since moved from the area and I still do this exercise when I feel my lower back acting up. He treated me for 3 months until I moved. He is the best!

Hands down the best there is!

I have been to others before with no relief. After years of suffering, I went to Dr. Dietz, on a recommendation, when I couldn’t take the discomfort any more. After the first adjustment, the pain was gone! He is kind and gentle and tells exactly what he is doing. His calm and positive demeaner put me at ease. His staff is always happy and it is a bright and relaxing environment. His office is 45 min. from my home, but I would go even further for this kind of care!

Do you need back, neck or headache relief?

If you do, Dr. Dietz office is where you should go! I have been a patient of Dr. Dietz for three years as my condition requires regular adjustments. My chronic neck instability, upper and lower back pain, and with episodes of severe headaches will never not be a part of my life. Due to my bone structure, I will always be requiring adjustments. With regularly scheduled adjustments and treatments, Dr. Dietz has helped me to not have the pain daily. Dr. Dietz and his entire office are caring good christian people. The environment is pleasant and occasionally the patients get to meet the family!!

A Warm and caring person and a great Chiropractor

I have been going for treatment with Dr. Dietz for over 10 years and warm and caring attitude not only for me but for my family certainly sets him apart from other doctors. When you have an emergency he always seems to make time for you even with his busy schedule. Dr. Dietz is a throwback to an old time family physician who cared not only about your medical problem but your whole being.

Worth the trip – extremely effective

I travel 52 miles one-way to see Dr. Dietz. I can’t say enough about his ability, his knowledge, his interest in his patients, his fervent study to expand his knowledge and the quality of person he is…professional, very warm and human and a devoted family man. He’s worked wonders for me over several years and several ailments. He treated my neck and jaw to end headaches, dizziness and neuralgia manifested in altered tastes. I had problems with neck vertebrae that caused back pain, tingling in my extremities and some pain along nerves extending into my arm. Working with an orthopedic doctor did not bring much relief. Dr. Dietz brought it all under control. Another time, I developed a nearly “frozen shoulder” and could barely lift my left arm without a stabbing pain through the shoulder. It’s completely gone, without surgery. When I was hit from behind in a car accident, after leaving the hospital, I also called Dr. Dietz who waited for me at his office. I credit him with easing and speeding my recovery. I have chronic shoulder problems from repetitive stress in a job long ago. He has controlled that. Bottom line: I now do things I thought I would never do again…play golf, read, work with the tools in my workshop and play baseball with my grandchildren. He is the best, and I enthusiastically recommend him.

Much More Thank I Had Hoped For

I want to thank Dr Dietz for listening and working with me after I injured my foot and had Plantar Fasciitis. I had visited a Podiatrist several times which included treatment and shots in my heel. The only option I had left was surgery. The pain had made it so I was unable to stand on my foot, much less walk. I am the Mother of 3, my husband travels frequently and my father, who is 90, lives with us. It was not an option to have surgery and be off my feet for another 6 – 8 weeks. After working with Dr Dietz for roughly 2 months, I am not only able to walk, I am back to almost all my activities. He took the time to explain what was causing the pain and what needed to happen in my arch so I could stand and have the support for my foot. The most important thing for me about Dr Dietz is that he genuinely cares about his patients and listens and works with you on your concerns.